Get to know the leaders & Innovators that will be presenting at the Youth Summer School 2020 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Theodoor is a young IT professional with a special interest in Internet of Things (IoT), Cognitive computing, and entrepreneurship. Currently he is working as a strategic and technical consultant at IBM, helping large enterprises to shape and grow their asset management capabilities. His unique expertise in partnerships and offerings in the field of responsive, or smart cities enables him to work with clients such as ports and airports. Previously, Theodoor conducted and published research on public-private partnerships and IoT/data platforms.
Kolbrún Þ. Pálsdóttir is Dean of the School of Education at the University of Iceland, Reykjavik. She works with her colleagues to create a vibrant educational community with young people who have a passion to become future leaders and innovators in the field of education. In her academic work, Kolbrún has explored the connection between formal and informal learning, as young people navigate their lives between school and out-of-school venues. She strongly believes that the way forward to a more sustainable future is to invest in a holistic education that promotes creativity and critical thinking; an education that empowers everyone to become active in shaping tomorrow’s world.
David Timis is a communications consultant and keynote speaker focused on the impact AI will have on the future of skills. He’s currently pursuing an MA in European Political and Governance Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges, and curating the Brussels Shapers Hub, which is part of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community.

David has been recognised as an Influential Leader by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, and included on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List in Romania for his continuous work to promote education and digital skills.

For more information about David please visit the following site.
Lucie is a co-founder and managing director of Institut kariéry a rozvoje, z. s., an NGO that aims to encourage young adults to aim high, make conscious decisions, and reach long in their career growth, through positive reinforcement, critical thinking, and professional support.

For the past 7 years, she has designed and led various career and development CSR programs for big companies. A standout example is Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak's flagship initiative - project Samsung Tvoje šance #futureskills. A noble project focused on future skills and preparing students (mostly from socially disadvantaged backgrounds) to succeed in a modern, technology-driven world.

Most recently, through her NGO, she is building an inspirational platform for young people in the Czech Republic. Leveraging technology to help students make informed career choices and motivate them to be proactive and pursue their interests and talents.
Bogdan Vaida burst onto the training scene in 2009 using extremely old Powerpoint presentations. Luckily, 2 years later he switched to experiential training and learning by doing, methodologies that he practiced devotedly in all of his training. Known for his no-nonsense approach to getting results, Bogdan has been told that he helps participants get their own “insanely practical insights”.

What does he do? He travels around the world doing experiential training in fields ranging from time management to personality typologies and trainer training.
While doing this, he also manages his online courses that have over 10 000 students from all over the world.

In 2017 he beat the record for total time spent in airports (it's a loooong way to China).

- Bogdan Vaida - - “I teach students how to become their own teachers!”
Hrishabh is currently Director for Partnerships and Development at Project Phoenix, a European NGO and social enterprise. Project Phoenix works to empower migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers using the best of a social innovation playbook, premised on the pillars of sustainability, economic empowerment through entrepreneurship & socio-cultural integration. Hrishabh leads operations on the ground in Nicosia and is also responsible for and mentors Project Phoenix's fellows and volunteers.

A multipotentialite and systems-thinker, he is committed to a sustainable and resilient future and is particularly interested in topics of social, climate, and gender justice for all. Previously, Hrishabh spent a decade working in leadership positions at the confluence of the education and entrepreneurial worlds, in Prague, Yerevan, Bombay, and Karlskrona. In addition to his work at Project Phoenix, Hrishabh also works as a sustainability and social innovation consultant for multiple European projects and is a co-founder of GROW // Green Roof Optimization Worklab and Cyprus’s First Public Urban Rooftop Garden.
Mariia currently works at Google as Automation and Attribution specialist. In this role she helps the world’s largest companies leverage the power of Machine Learning. Besides that she is a member of a working group at the Dnipro University of Technology designed to aid in reviewing and adjusting the educational curriculum of future System analysts.

Her previous experience is in sales, marketing and product management; from these she has gained a handful of different perspectives.

Finding solutions that work, simplifying routine and giving people time for more creative tasks is what drives Mariia.
Thora has been tinkering all her life so she was well prepared to take on the role as the Director of Fab Lab Reykjavík. Her educational backround is in psychology focused on creativity, learning and cognitive science. With a special interest in rapid prototyping to understand creative ideas, she has applied her knowledge to develop a bulk of educational materials for innovation education. Her projects center on getting young people to „create the change“ they want to see in the world. She is the co-fonder and creator of MeMa, an innovation accelerator for college students and Creative learning Community in Breiðholt.
Karen is an engineer and consultant with an international profile, having lived and studied in multiple countries across America, Europe, and Asia. Currently, she acts as project manager in IBM, bringing to life the next generation of digital solution for patients with diabetes.

Besides that, she also leads two social startup projects (one of them born after winning a Hackaton) and trains 4 times a week to run marathons. If you want tips on entrepreneurship, early career development in consulting or digital solutions, don't hesitate to reach out on Linkedin!
Nelson is a Salvadorean innovation enthusiast with expertise in new product and service development, and an entrepreneur in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
He has been participating as an active member of the TACIT and GAMIFY official EU projects, where he collaborated with Europe's most innovative professionals to develop new innovation methods for the European Union.

Last year, he decided to pursue his own project and change the course of the innovation stage in Germany. Therefore, Nelson started his entrepreneurship journey and founded his first company weSpark, an agency dedicated to teaching, coaching and generating innovation.
Benoit Chéron is a member of KPMG Global Advisory team leading the Sustainability services. He is also in charge of advising the financial institutions to handle the challenges hitting the financial industry and the access to capital.
Willing to face new challenges, to share experiences and to contribute to a better future for his kids, he decided in 2018 with his wife and their three kids to move to Iceland after 16 years in Luxembourg and Paris.
In 2019, he founded X.FIN, a financial advisory and consulting services firm, assisting financial institutions and companies especially about responsible investment & ESG integration. He is an experienced Chief Financial Officer with a demonstrated track record in Asset Management and Private Equity.
Prior to move to Iceland in 2018, he was Chief Financial Officer and Partner of idi Emerging Markets an independent growth-capital specialist in emerging markets. He served previously as head of the Luxembourg Office of PAI Partners, a leading European private equity firm. He was member of the Board of the Luxembourg Private Equity and Venture Capital Association & Chairman of the Accounting & Valuation Committee for 7 years. Benoit holds an MA in banking, finance, insurance from Dauphine University, Paris.
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